Chiara Consiglio “Nuovi sviluppi per lo studio e la misura del burnout nei contesti di lavoro”

Prof. Dino Ruta -Modelli di leadership e performance: tra sport e management

Multilevel per dati cross-sezionali in SPSS- Prof. Antonio Zuffianò

"Work-Life Leadership: Managing Self and Others for Well-being On and Off the Job" Prof.ssa Ellen Kossek, Krannert School of Management - Purdue University
"Dr. Kossek’s lecture will discuss actions leaders can take to take to proactively create a culture of work-life being for employees and organizations. She will discuss the scientific and social trends making work-life relationships a critical workplace mental health issue, and how individuals and leaders need to proactively manage themselves, work-life technology boundaries, and their subordinates through work-life supportive actions in a 24-7 world.”
Elder abuse in Spain: research findings

Psicologia de la gratitud y Psicología Positiva

Neuroscience goes social II
15 Febbraio 2019

Multilevel models and Bayesian statistics
23-25 Gennaio 2019

Modelli multigruppo
18 e 25 febbraio

“Autism as a Dimensional Construct, from Cognitive Neurophsyiology to Behaviour"


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