Oriental Archaeology: The Archaeology and Cultural Heritage of Tyre: Research, Management, and Preservation

Lecture of Dott. Ali Badawi - Directorate, Lebanon General of Antiquities

May 6 2024

On May 6 2024 at 12 pm at the Museo delle Origini of the Sapienza University of Rome, Dr Ali Badawi will give a lecture on the archaeology and cultural heritage of Tyre in Lebanon. Dr Badawi is Regional Director of the Directorare General of Antiquities of Lebanon (DGA), and a Co-Director of the Lebanese-Italian Archaeological Project in the Region of Tyre (DGA/Lebanese University/Sapienza). This event is organized within the PRIN PNRR 2022 Project "Cultural Itineraries in Lebanon (CIL). Community engagement, archaeological sites and the accessibility to the cultural landscape in Northern and Southern Lebanon".

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