AIAC Meetings | March 19, 2024

The AIAC Meetings (IncontriAIAC) are an initiative close to AIAC’s heart: during the last twenty years they have become an important proving ground for young scholars, generally pre-doctoral, doing research in Rome. Since 2000 we have held a monthly seminar on a specific archaeological theme, at which two to four archaeologists from Italian Universities and the Foreign Academies present their work. This gives them the opportunity to meet each other, and to try out their ideas, thus creating a network of young archaeologists. The seminars are generally conducted in Italian, but other languages are welcome.

March 19, 2024

Incontri AIAC | Marzo 2024

Contatti e connettività nell'Italia imperiale

American Academy in Rome
Via Angelo Masina, 5 - Roma
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JAMES PAGE - British School at Rome, The AMINI database. Preliminary results from a quantified, synthetic study of the distribution and consumption of amphora-borne goods across Northern Italy
MARY-EVELYN FARRIOR - American Academy in Rome, Understanding the Stationes of the Sacra Via
NICOLA BARBAGLI - Universität Trier & American Academy in Rome, The Pamphilj obelisk: A monument at the crossroads of cultures

Modera CHRISTOPHER SIWICKI (Det norske institutt i Roma)
MARTEDÌ 19 MARZO 2024 ORE 17.00

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