The "Molecular design and characterization for the promotion of health and well-being: from medicine to food” international PhD course, established at Sapienza as the execution of bilateral agreements with foreign universities, offers high-level training for talented graduates in drug and food sciences. This PhD degree is designed to capture the broad sweep of research ranging from organic synthesis and biochemistry, to pharmacological and chemical studies that can identify innovative drugs and nutraceuticals. The PhD students will acquire knowledge and design skills useful for organizing and managing basic or applied research, both in pharmaceutical and food science. The PhD students will carry out the thesis project at Sapienza (Institution Home) and an additional foreign university (Institution Host), in accordance with the main topics of the course, for a period abroad of non-less than six months. The PhD student's technical-scientific training will be supported by didactic-scientific teaching consisting of institutional courses and seminars, held both by experts from national and international research institutions and by the Board members, in the fields of organic synthesis, design and drug development, food chemistry, nutrition and in legislative and regulatory fields. The acquisition of advanced methodological skills will also be ensured by constant updating of part of the teaching training in line with to the most current scientific progress within the course topics.
The PhD Course aims to prepare graduates for advanced research in drug and food sciences by promoting the PhD student's knowledge and critical skills together with the learning of methodological skills.
The training activity of the PhD Course includes technical-scientific and didactic-scientific training, the latter constantly updated also for topics not directly connected to the doctoral student's research project. In particular, the main objectives include:
• the consolidation and integration of disciplinary knowledge inherent to the topics of the PhD Course;
• mastery of advanced methodologies useful for carrying out the PhD student's research project;
• the acquisition of structural and management skills for independent research project;
• the acquisition of multidisciplinary skills also thanks to the research that the PhD student will carry out abroad.

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