The international PhD program in “Molecular design and characterization for the promotion of health and well-being: from drug to food” is a joint PhD program between Sapienza University of Rome, University of Hong Kong (HK) and McMaster University (CA). The objective of the “Molecular design and characterization for the promotion of health and well-being: from drug to food” program is to impart advanced scientific knowledge in organic synthesis, drug discovery, pharmaceutical science, food chemistry and nutrition. The program aims at providing training opportunities in conducting state-of-the-art approaches in basic research as well as enhancing skills critical to developing innovative drugs and nutraceuticals. Each student will be enrolled to two institutions from the consortium, selected by the students in the application process (the first as "home" institution, the second as "host"), and shall conduct his PhD project mainly at the "home" institution but is required to spend at least six months in the "host" institution. This joint PhD degree is designed to capture the broad sweep of research undertaken in the three institutions ranging from organic synthesis and biochemistry, to pharmacological and chemical studies that can identify innovative drugs and nutraceuticals. Other than conducting their own PhD projects, students are expected to attend seminars and workshops included in the PhD program designed to offer tools to progress students beyond their research degree to different disciplines. In addition, the PhD program supports exchange and mobility of students within the three institutions in order to experiencing different research approaches, spreading knowledge and sharing ideas. This should allow students to broad their skills beyond their research work.



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