Weaknesses of Nutraceutical approach, Prof. Alberto Ritieni, Dip Farmacia,Univ Federico II, Napoli

The principal aim of the seminar is to give an actual overview of the nutraceutical approach with a particular focus in the study of their weak points and eventual side effects of these new co-therapeutic tools. The first part of the seminar is mainly focused on the decryption of real significance of nutraceutics or functional foods and their applications in a balanced or an unbalanced life style. In the second part of the seminar will be showed some pilot cases of food integrator or nutraceuticals where the consumers are poor informed and the side effects observed may cause more disadvantages than advantages.

09/05/2022, 16.00

Weaknesses of Nutraceutical approach, Prof. Alberto Ritieni  

09/05/2022 16.00 online

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