Under Construction

under construction is a series that collects the "work in progress" of the doctorate in Architecture and City Construction - Sapienza University of Rome. It is an active framework and binder for architectural research and architectural thinking.
It is dedicated to research work that is always ongoing and never concluded, vital, projective and open.
The set of publications expresses the plurality of voices of the Doctorate in Architecture and City Construction, within the precise and defined plan of the construction.
The series includes two publications per year.

00. new togetherness

Nencini D., D'Urzo A. (edited by)

Edizioni Nuova Cultura
Roma 2024

ISBN 9788833655567
Pag 90
Format A4


The first issue of under construction is dedicated to the theme new togethernes and collects the contributions of PhD students and scholars starting from this important word in a new way, after the forced separation imposed by the lockdown due to the Covid 19 pandemic.
Architecture and new forms of proximity are the object of our attention in the now defined post-pandemic era. There are many and varied considerations that see the city, the collective and the domestic space, taking on a new importance. The essays of the PhD students, doctors and teachers focus on some interpretative threads that can be glimpsed in filigree and which overall describe the multiple reflections of the use of this term for architecture and the city.
What changes and what remains in architecture and in the city, with the revolution that the two lockdowns and the two years of pandemic have produced in people's lives?
What effects did the suspension of community life have on space and living?

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