Delivered study plan 2022/2023

For the A.Y. 2022/23 as part of the programming for the first year which includes 1. advanced institutional courses, 2. preparatory courses for the knowledge of research methods common to the three curricula and 3. courses on reading buildings common to the three curricula
Three common theoretical and one design seminars are underway, as well as a specific seminar for each curriculum. The first seminar is "STARTING TO RESEARCH" and includes lessons relating to research tools (for defining the research structure, useful for archival documentation and for drafting bibliographies at different levels of progress, useful for understanding research evaluation) this is accompanied by the seminar of theoretical lessons "THE REASONS FOR RESEARCH" useful for focusing on research topics and methods. to these first two which are "permanent" seminars is added the third theoretical seminar which changes from year to year and which in 2022/23 is dedicated to "NEW RURAL FOR OLD" in which the doctoral students follow the theoretical lessons of the teachers of the college and to conclusion of the same, as a first writing exercise, they prepare an essay (18,000 characters including spaces) on a theme they identified during the seminar and accepted by the teaching staff.
The "NEW FORMS OF RURALITY - PROJECT FOR ZAGAROLO" design seminar takes place throughout the academic year and is divided into lessons dedicated to the theme in which Italian and international experts are called to speak in addition to the teachers of the college. After an initial period in which the teaching staff instructs the topic, the doctoral students divided into small inter-cycle groups carry out a planning exercise on some areas of the Lazio town.
The results of the seminars are always subject to publication.
The I, II and III cycle follow the activities of the A.Y. 2022/23 as part of the programming common to the three cycles and those organized by the Doctoral School in Architecture Sciences.

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