Annual report

The PhD students have followed the following advanced institutional activities:
Research start-up course-seminar with three preparatory lessons referring to the rudiments of start-up research. Bibliographies, evaluation of research products, publications of essays, in curatorships and in journals.

January 2022 - February 2022. They attended the Readings|Writings seminar and the Versus seminar in which they attended lectures and meetings of a theoretical nature.
The VERSUS seminar, created within the activities of the Doctoral School in Architecture Sciences, offered a cycle of conferences held by architects and researchers on the theme of the Roman School and its exponents. The conferences were curated by: Paolo Melis, Franco Purini, Francesco Cellini, Carlo Severati, Laura Thermes and Alessandra Muntoni.
Versus is a seminar on research work on architectural design. Architects who have studied other architects talk about their comparison with figures relevant to their research. Versus property «il voltare», therefore «l'andare a capo», volgere, places the emphasis on looking backwards, but has a root in the Greek which also means measure and scansion. The word Versus makes explicit how this confrontation is complex and defines a field of action also of contrast and opposition in which the "antagonistic dimension" in the confrontation is understood as virtuous and prolific for the future. The architects of this first cycle of meetings are scholars and protagonists of Roman architectural culture, who speak of Roman architects who, in turn, have marked a fundamental period of Italian architectural culture with their work.

June 2022 - July 2022. They attended a training course-seminar "An architect, a detail" and the seminar "The reasons for research". Theoretical seminar of non-fiction exercise "An architect a detail". The professors of the college carried out a cycle of lessons on the subject in question and, at the conclusion of the seminar, the doctoral students produced an essay on the subject itself, agreed upon with the tutors and the teaching staff.
The seminar continues the series of seminars from the previous years "one architect, one work" 2020 and "one architect, one city" 2021.
The seminar will be dedicated to doctoral students of the XXXVI and XXXVII cycle. The lessons will be recorded and uploaded to our youtube channel.
Spartaco Paris, Marco Zanuso, architecture design industry
Luca Lanini, Giuseppe Terragni and the manner of detail.
Paolo Carlotti, Hans Kollhoff: the tectonics of detail
Alberto Bologna, Wang Shu and surface design. Ornament, joining, assemblage
Alessandra Capanna, Bernard Leitner the sound cylinder in the park of La Villette. Details of other subjects
Tomaso Monestiroli, Detail as an expression of architectural decoration in the work of Ignazio Gardella
Giulio Barazzetta, Section/detail agreement
Domenico Chizzoniti, Unity in detail…The unspeakable space of la Tourette.
Pisana Posocco. Alfredo Lambertucci, craftsmanship and prefabrication
Manuela Raitano, Luigi Moretti and the Il Girasole building. Mass, surface, material and colour
Antonello Monaco, Juan Navarro Baldeweg, Designing light.
Renato Capozzi, The detail as synecdoche in Mies van der Rohe.
Federica Visconti, Louis I. Kahn. Architecture without detail.
Luisa Ferro, Ictino, the details of the Parthenon and the reinvention of the Doric order.
Anna Irene Del Monaco, Lucio Barbera: in the "historical depth" of the built material.
Dina Nencini, Material and detail. The formal asceticism of Simon Ungers

September 2022 - July 2023. They followed the preparatory lessons for the design seminar "seminar-workshop Syracuse, Palazzolo Acreide" in collaboration with three other doctoral offices IUAV, Polytechnic of Bari, Naples Federico II. Instructional materials were provided for the analysis and reading of the areas identified by a preliminary work by the teaching staff, as particularly effective for the topic.
The seminar has as its object the redesign of some areas of Syracuse and Palazzolo Acreide, the objective of prefiguring possible future scenarios in some of the most interesting, as well as problematic, areas of marginality and conflict, both within historic cities and between cities in extension and archaeological pre-existence, in the Syracuse area. The case study project that each group of intercycle doctoral students has agreed with the teaching staff is currently being drafted. The case study project is currently being drafted, which each group of intercycle doctoral students has agreed with the teaching staff.

10/18/2022. Annual symposium of the teaching staff and doctoral students of the doctorate in architecture and construction, II day of studies of the doctorate in architecture and construction.

They have also participated in national and international conferences.
In three separate meetings, each cycle of PhD students presented their progress and the activities carried out to the Collegio of professors.

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