Nanocarriers of active hydrophobic compounds targeting multidrug resistant tumors, Prof Catherine Passirani-University of Angers

Nanoparticle formulation and anticancer or gene therapy studies on different solid tumor models, using lipid nanocapsules (LNC) able to encapsulate metallodrugs as ferrocifens, DNA, siRNA, or other families of molecules, have been the main purposes of her work. In a new thematic emerging axis of the laboratory, a new kind of nanomedicines is also studied: self-assemblies of prodrugs composed of cell penetrating peptide covalently linked to an anticancer compound. The conjugate obtained is an amphiphilic prodrug, able to self-assemble in water, under appropriated conditions, without any excipient. These two nanoparticulate platforms (LNC and self-assemblies of prodrugs) represent safe pharmacological tools that could be used for the personalized treatment of multidrug resistance (MDR) tumors.


Prof Catherine Passirani-University of Angers ore 11:00, Aula B, CU019

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