Lipid nanostructures - Part 2, Prof Khuloud Al-Jamal-King's College London

The most frequent role of lipid-based nanocarriers has traditionally been to improve the solubility of sparingly water-soluble drugs; however, the spectrum of applications has widened. They offer several advantages such as low immunogenicity and high nucleic acid encapsulation efficiency and potent transfection. Currently lipid-based nanocarriers are the most clinically advanced non-viral gene delivery system with three siRNA‐delivering lipid‐based nanomedicines (Onpattro®, Givlaari®, and Oxlumo®) have received recent FDA approvals in consecutive years from 2018.


Prof Khuloud Al-Jamal-King's College London ore 11.00, Aula Carelli, CU019

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