Exploring the intrinsic properties of bioinorganic complexes by ion-molecule reactions, Prof Maria Elisa Crestoni, Sapienza University of Rome

Some fundamentals and applications of Ion-Molecule Reactions (IMR) performed by using FT-ICR mass spectrometry will be presented with examples of interest in analytical and bioinorganic chemistry. The advantage to work in the gas-phase, an environment lacking the solvent and counter ions, is that the intrinsic behavior of ionic species can be described. The following aspects of gaseous IMR will be discussed: 1) general aspects, including how to measure the rate constants and the double well Potential Energy Profile; 2) ion-trapping instruments for IMR studies; 3) types of IMR developed to identify specific functional groups and drug metabolites; 4) biomimetic models of enzymatic reaction intermediates; 5) characterization of highly elusive molecules.


05/05/2022, 14.00, online

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