Study plan for the academic year 2023/2024

List of courses / activities for the first year

Strategies in drug discovery and drug analysis_Dr Sara Consalvi 8
Metabolomic analysis in food sciences_Dr Cinzia Ingallina 8
Green organic chemistry_ Dr Mattia Bizzarri 8
Biochemistry of bioactive peptides_Dr Bruno Casciaro 8

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First year Phd students must attend  4 teaching courses for a total of 4 CFUs. Moreover, students must attend seminars organized by the Board.

Method of choosing the subject of the thesis

At the beginning of the AA, each Phd student should choose a tutor in agreement with the Board, and agrre on a research topic.

Admission to the second year

At the end of the first year, each student will have to prepare a report as follow:
  • list all the seminars and courses attended
  • research report: detailed research activity
  • publication/oral presentation/poster
In September, each student, will have to present the research report to the Board. The Board will examine the activities and admit the student to the next year.

List of courses / activities for the second year

Natural organic compounds of food and pharmaceutical interest 1
Multidimensional mass spectrometry for applications in the (bio) chemical, pharmaceutical and food fields 1
Novel foods: a new frontier in the food science 1
Advanced methodologies for studying complex matrices 1
Cycle of advanced lessons 1

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Method of preparation of the thesis

Admission to the third year

List of courses / activities for the third year

Advanced techniques in separation science for unravelling the complexity of natural products and (bio)pharmaceuticals: from small chiral molecules to peptides 1
Biochemical aspects of nutrition 1
Cycle of advanced lessons 1
Cycle of lesson Closure 1

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Method of admission to the final examination

Final examination

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