Equipment and Spaces

CoSAN LAB (Cognitive, Social, and Affective Neuroscience; PI: Prof. Aglioti):
Conducts research at the interface of various disciplines with the aim of studying cognitive and emotional processes within social contexts.
Focuses on studying psychological factors contributing to individuals' ability to cope with various life and interpersonal contexts, promoting psychological and subjective well-being.
Aims to conduct research in the following areas: 1) Psychometric analysis of psychological assessment tools; 2) Study of personality and its development over the lifespan; 3) Investigation of personal and organizational factors in work-related stress and counterproductive behaviors; 4) Cross-cultural study of individual and organizational variables contributing to job security perception and job safety; 5) Analysis of methods for assessing work-related stress risk in real contexts, focusing on systems developed by institutional bodies, and national and international surveys.
The laboratory aims to develop studies on the socio-cognitive and motivational determinants of various health behaviors (adoption of healthy behaviors, breastfeeding, protection behaviors from infections, donations, volunteering, etc.), quality of life (in rare diseases and chronic pathologies), and investigates the role of positive resources in the relationship between chronic stress and health/disease outcomes.
Focuses on studying human personality as a psychological system that mediates the relationships between the individual and the environment. Special emphasis is given to the study of personality processes and structures through longitudinal methodologies.
Specialized Hardware and Software Equipment
Inquisit-Web for the Administration of Stimuli and Implicit Measurements in the Laboratory (Lab of Psychometrics and Work Psychology, PI: Prof. Barbaranelli)
Mplus (Version 8) - Specialized Statistical Software for Intensive Longitudinal Data Analysis, SEM Models, Mixture Models, Monte Carlo Simulations, and Cross-Classified Multilevel Models
Psychophysiological Measurement Sensors for Respiratory Rate, Heart Rate, Motor Activity, and Skin Conductance (The Flourish Research Lab, PI: Prof. Couyoumdjian)
PC Octa-Core for Data Analysis, Implicit Measurement, and Computationally Demanding Analyses (Lab of Psychometrics and Work Psychology, PI: Prof. Barbaranelli)
PC Quad-Core for Data Analysis, Stimuli Administration, and Text Processing (Lab of Psychometrics and Work Psychology, PI: Prof. Barbaranelli)
PC with Software for Interface of 2 or More Head-Mounted Displays. Software for Multi-System Design and Projection of 3D Scenarios on Single-Screen Systems (CoSAN Lab, PI: Prof. Aglioti)
Software for EEG Signal Analysis (CoSAN Lab, PI: Prof. Aglioti)
EEG Cap + E-Prime 2.0 Professional Software for Brain Activity Recording and Experimental Design (CoSAN Lab, PI: Prof. Aglioti)
Various Specialized Software and Hardware for Psychophysiological Measurements, Virtual Reality, and Motion Kinematics Studies (CoSAN Lab, PI: Prof. Aglioti)
Various Physiological Data Collection and Analysis Tools (Health Psychology Lab, PI: Prof.ssa Grano)
Heart Rate Variability Software (Kubios HRV) - PI: Prof. Alessandri
Scientific Equipment
FLIR A655sc Thermal Camera with Integrated HD Video Camera and N2U Software for Synchronous Camera Image Acquisition (CoSAN Lab, PI: Prof. Aglioti)
Digital Thermostatic Water Bath Wb-MD 15 for Thermal Stimulation Studies (CoSAN Lab, PI: Prof. Aglioti)
Single-Screen Virtual Reality Instrumentation (CoSAN Lab, PI: Prof. Aglioti)
Head-Mounted Displays Oculus Rift 3.0 and HTC Vive for Stereoscopic Viewing of 3D Environments (CoSAN Lab, PI: Prof. Aglioti)
Gloves for Finger Flexion and Abduction Movements, Used for Avatar Reproduction in Virtual Environments (CoSAN Lab, PI: Prof. Aglioti)
Neurophysiological Signal Recording Hardware (NEUROSCAN Mod. SYNAMPS RT 64.4.2) for EEG and Event-Related Potentials (CoSAN Lab, PI: Prof. Aglioti)
Infrared Camera System for Motion Kinematics Recording (CoSAN Lab, PI: Prof. Aglioti)
TMS and EEG Recording System (BrainStim SYS, E.M.S. s.r.l.) for Non-Invasive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (CoSAN Lab, PI: Prof. Aglioti)
Physiological Data Recording System (Procomp 5 Infiniti) - Health Psychology Lab, PI: Prof.ssa Grano
Accelerometers and Biosensors for Motion and Physiological Data Collection (PI: Prof. Alessandri)
Qualtrics - Online Data Collection Platform
MetricWire - App for Online Collection of Intensive Longitudinal Data via Smartphone (Personality Development & Intervention Lab, PI: Prof.ssa Pastorelli)

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