Final PhD dissertation

To be awarded the title of Doctor of Philosophy (Dottore di Ricerca), the candidate will
have to defend his/her PhD thesis within the 28th of February of the year after the formal
conclusion of the PhD Program.
The thesis, accompanied by a report on the student’s research/training activities and a list of
his/her publications, will be evaluated by at least two highly qualified reviewers appointed by the
PhD Board of Professors (Collegio dei Docenti). The reviewers can work either in Italian or foreign
institutions but cannot belong to the University awarding the PhD degree. The reviewers will
present a written evaluation of the thesis and will propose either the admission of the student to the
thesis defense or the postponement of the defense for a period of no more than six months, if they
think that significant integrations or corrections are required. After this postponement period, the
reviewers will present a new, written evaluation of the revised thesis and the student will be allowed
to defend his/her thesis. By the end of September, the PhD students will have defended their thesis
(supplemental session only)

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