Personality and Organizational Psychology (POP)

The POP curriculum aims to stimulate and realize studies and research activities on the personal and contextual determinants of adaptive and maladaptive psychological functioning in different contexts. The PHd Program represents an answer to recent cultural challenges and it is based on the advances and successes of psychological research in the area of health promotion, well-being and social harmony in educational, organizational and sanitary and health contexts. The curriculum aims to achieve a multidisciplinary training and an advance knowledge in theory, research methodology, and several substantive fields that are part of personality in the life course, interpersonal and social relations within educational, organizational and cultural contexts.
•          To provide methodological knowledge,  to develop theoretically sound and cogent experimental, quasi experimental and longitudinal-cross-sectional designs and paradigms
•          To train Ph.D. students to be future independent researchers by supporting their proactive role from writing scientific articles to grant hunting and grant writing
•          To encourage inquisitive, creative and critical thinking through group interaction and cooperation
•          To reinforce the interaction between partner laboratories by sharing knowledge and expertise and through researchers' mobility
Research programs are conducted on reciprocal basis  between Sapienza University and at least one of the universities which are part of the consortium.  Research activities are based on the maintenance of already established agreements with other Italian and foreign universities. New agreements with other universities are also pursued to maintain the international feature of the PhD program. From this perspective, the PhD activities will be entirely in English so that candidates from all over  the world can apply. All students will have to spend a period of research in one of the foreign universities which are part of the consortium.
The admission test consists of two parts: 1) an evaluation of candidates’ cv and 2) an oral examination, in order to guarantee an adequate comparative evaluation of the candidates. Both the examinations will be held in English. The first part will concern the evaluation of candidates’ cv, publications, research experiences and a written research project on one of the following research topic:
•         Socio-cognitive and affective determinants of normal and abnormal functioning
•         Individual and familial determinants of normal and abnormal behavior from infancy to adolescence and young adulthood
•         Values and motives in educational and organizational contexts
•         Personal and collective efficacy in educational and organizational contexts
•         Personal determinants of political and organizational behaviors
•         Well-being in educational and organizational contexts

The oral examination will be an interview and it will be focused on previous research experiences and on the proposal of a research project on one of the research lines of the curriuculum.

POP PHD CONTACT INFO: Any additional information concerning the POP Ph.D. curriculum and the application procedure can be obtained by contacting:


  • Prof.ssa Maria Gerbino (Co-ordinatore curriculum  POP)

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