26 e 27 novembre 2018
Ventricelli Marialba
Human and environment interaction: apiculture as a mediation system
Tutor F. Rufo
Ornella Maggiulli
Dietary behaviour during pregnancy in relation to subsistence patterns and obstetric dilemma: an evolutionary perspective
Tutor F. Rufo
Sara Bernardini
Biography of an Age: reconstructing lifeways of Italian Copper Age groups by multi proxy biological, isotopic and archaeological analysis
Tutor M.A. Tafuri (cotutela in entrata da Università Aix Marseille)
Cecilia Di Bernardi
Ecology of wolf predation in a multi-prey system
tutor P. Ciucci, L. Boitani, C. Wikenros
Tamagnini Davide
Macroevolutionary trends and ecological correlates in the cranio-mandibular complex of mammalian carnivorans
tutor L. Maiorano, P. Raia
Cauli Federico
Spatial ecology of honey buzzard (Pernis apivorus) in the breeding season
Tutor P. Audisio
Ivon Cuadros Casanova
How will halting biodiversity loss affect the achievement of other Sustainable Development Goals?
Tutor C. Rondinini (Progetto H2020-MSCA-ITN Inspire4Nature)
Carmen Diana Soria González de Buitrago
Projected effect of global change on species’ change in extinction risk
Tutor C. Rondinini (Progetto H2020-MSCA-ITN Inspire4Nature)
Maria Lumbierres Civit
Where will further Key Biodiversity Areas be identified? A modeling approach to focus efforts
Tutor C. Rondinini (Progetto H2020-MSCA-ITN Inspire4Nature)
Dahal Prahbat Raj
Advancing quantitative analyses for IUCN red list assessments of species’
Tutor C. Rondinini (Progetto H2020-MSCA-ITN Inspire4Nature)
Giulia De Angelis
Internalization mechanisms of biopolymeric nanoparticles in plants and application in integrated pest management
Tutor G. Pasqua
Fabrizio Michelangeli
Pollen analysis of late Holocene marine sediments from the Central Mediterranean Sea
Tutor D. Magri D.
Veronica Spinelli
Living and growing together: fungal potential in plant-growth promotion, bioprotection and bioremediation
Tutor A.M. Persiani
Carvalho De Rezende Marcelo
Effectiveness of main land degradation indicators in assessing and monitoring land use dynamic changes in Dryland areas.
tutor F. Attorre
Terzano Dilva
Assessment of the restoration of Southeast Asian peatland ecosystems
tutor F. Attorre
Ana Fundurulic
Food and balms: combined botanical and chemical studies from funerary contexts
Tutor D. Magri, A. Celant, C. Barrocas Dias (Progetto H2020-MSCA-ITN ED-ARCHMAT; cotutela in uscita con Università di Evora, Portogallo)
Chassouant Louise
Organic residue analysis in archaeological amphorae
Tutor D. Magri, C. Mathe (Progetto H2020-MSCA-ITN ED-ARCHMAT; cotutela in entrata con Università di Avignone, Francia)
Roshan Paladugu
Agricultural practices and environmental changes in the Phoenician-Punic Western Mediterranean during 8-5 th century BC: a novel multidisciplinary approach
Tutor C. Barrocas Dias, D. Magri, F. Di Rita, (Progetto H2020-MSCA-ITN ED-ARCHMAT; cotutela in entrata con Università di Evora, PT))
Maria Agostina Frezzini
Evaluation of atmospheric particulate matter redox potential in relation to biological responses of exposed organisms
Tutor S. Canepari
Gianluca Mancini
Mediterranean marine habitat restoration: experimental transplant of a Posidonia oceanica (L.) Delile 1813 meadow
Tutor G.B. Ardizzone
Maria Pepe
Functional traits underlying the invasion success of ias (invasive alien species)
Tutor Gratani, L. Varone
Stefano Moro
New insights on the ecology and conservation of Mediterranean sharks through the development of Citizen Science networks, with a particular attention to the Mediterranean Great White Shark
Tutor G. Jona Lasino, F. Colloca, F. Ferbetti

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