Examining Style and Genre from the Messy Middle of Music Cognition. Lectio Magistralis di Robert Gjerdingen


Si terrà martedì 18 febbraio alle 15, in Aula Nino Pirrotta - 5° piano della Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia, Piazzale Aldo Moro 5, Roma - la Lectio Magistralis di Robert Gjerdingen, della Northwestern University.
L'iniziativa si tiene in apertura del 14° Seminario annuale dei dottorandi, Dottorato in Musica e Spettacolo, Curriculum "Storia e analisi delle culture musicali".

Where, for instance, is the Mozart in Mozart’s music, or where is the Alap in an Alap of the great sitar player Vilayat Khan? Should we zoom in to the micro level and look for musical atoms, or should we zoom out to view whole galaxies? Neither approach—both of which have at various times been central to the methods of music theory, systematic musicology, and ethnomusicology—works very well because humans live in and interpret the world around them through messy middle levels of cognition. We converse with each other through clauses and phrases, not through 30-millisecond phonemes or 300-page novels. If musical clauses and phrases carry the meanings of styles and genres, how do we study them when each one is unique? The lecture will illustrate methods for such study through my work in Silicon Valley on pop genres and my work on the galant style of the eighteenth-century courts of Europe.

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