Offerta formativa erogata 2022/2023


CORSI 2022-2023

• Bioinformatics: Theory and Applications From Genomes To Drugs (18 ore). 16/25 gennaio 2023

• Fundamentals of Enzyme Kinetics (15 ore) Gennaio-febbraio 2023

• Preparing artworks for scientific papers (8 ore online) 4, 11 maggio 2023

• Safety Course (Novembre 2022)


03/03/2023 Cristian Ripoli, Catholic University (Italy)- Engineering Proteins to Boost LTP And Memory

09/03/2023 Anna Marabotti, University of Salerno (Italy) - Application of deep learning to the protein structure prediction: the tale of a “gigantic leap”

17/03/2023 Elena Enzo, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy) - Deciphering self-renewal traits in epidermal stem cells

23/03/2023 Eugenio Barone, Sapienza University of Rome (Italy) - Insulin Signaling in Alzheimer’s Disease Brain and Models Thereof

30/03/2023 Ping-Chih Ho, University of Lausanne, Switzerland - Educating tutor-associate macrophages under metabolic stress

14/04/2023 Velia Siciliano, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia-IIT, Naples (Italy) - Synthetic Biology: what, why and how

21/04/2023 Simona Giunta, Sapienza University of Rome (Italy) - Protecting our genome: mechanisms to maintain DNA repeats stability in human cells

28/04/2023 Mirco Dindo- University of Perugia (Italy) - Regulation of enzymatic activity mediated by liquid-liquid phase separation

05/05/2023 Lorenzo Stella - University RomeTor Vergata (Italy) Exploring the allosteric mechanism of oncogenic phosphatase SHP2 
for the design of peptide inhibitors of its protein-protein interactions

12/05/2023 Amnon Horowitz - Weizmann Institute of Science, (Israel)- The chaperonin GroEL nano-machine: allostery and function

19/05/2023 Giampietro Schiavo -University College London, London (UK) - The axonal transport machinery and its dysfunctions in neurodegenerative diseases

01/06/2023 Massimiliano Aschi- University of L'Aquila (Italy) Enzymes by the point of view of a computational chemist

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