The Ph.D. Course saves the heritage of the "Communication, Research, Innovation" Course, ensuring a wider representation of the scientific and cultural domains present in the Department of Communication and Social Research and adding to the two pre-existing curricula a third, specifically devoted to Marketing.
The PhD is so divided into three curricula: "Communication Sciences", "Methodology of Social Science" and "Marketing".

On the one hand, therefore, the Ph.D.'s structure pursues the objective of enhancing the synergistic evolution of the tools that communication and methodological studies use in the field of their advanced research (mass media impact analysis, ICT, social prediction, macro process simulation, data mining). On the other hand, the aim is to form a solid theoretical basis for business management and marketing, in the belief that contemporary society and the economy are and will increasingly be pervaded by models of relationship between supply and demand with high intensity of communication and that the Italian productive world, public and private, profit-oriented or not, has an increasing need to assimilate a culture oriented to the customer / user and competition.

The above will proceed in parallel with the development in the students of that corpus of knowledge indispensable to face the challenge of knowledge communication and research brought by bibliometrics and international comparison of ideas, also through the stimulus to the students to publish and compare themselves with foreign counterparts in scientific and didactic contexts.

It should also be emphasized that the Doctorate intends to cultivate the commonality of interests and activities that has characterized the presence of the Doctorates of the Department of Communication and Social Research within the Doctoral School "Mediatrends". As a result, there is a desire to maintain in common a series of educational and scientific-cultural initiatives.


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