Annual report

Annual Report 2023 PhD in Publical Law

At the end of the year 2023 the PhD in Publical Law has carried out an intense activity of coordination, proposal and organization of training activities and seminars, according to the programs predefined by each curriculum

It has ensured the tutorship activities for the PhD students. Evaluation activities of their researches have been conducted, in compliance with all the obligations necessary to guarantee the completion of the PhD students' course of study.

Some indicative data at the reported date are provided below:

- PhD students in progress: 39

- foreign PhD students in progress: 2

- PhD students in joint supervision: 1

- PhD students with master's/specialist degrees from universities different from Sapienza: 14

- scholarship in payment: 18

- PhD students who have completed the course of study: 11

- months of study spent abroad: 8

- number of publications in the last three years: 78

- members of the Board of Professors: 36

The insight section shows the program of the seminars held during the year 2023.

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