Annual report

The activity carried out by the doctorate in Private autonomy, business, work and protection of rights in the European and international perspective in the academic year 2022/2023, was divided into a series of lessons, seminars and conferences relating to targeted in-depth analysis in the specific related subjects to the different curricula. The doctoral students, as part of their training, went to other universities, both in Italy and abroad, to deepen their research and in order to carry out comparisons with other legal systems. This allowed them to deal with systems different from the Italian one, to learn and have new ideas for expanding their research and deepening future studies, from a transversal perspective and in line with the general policies of the doctorate, with a strongly pro-European vocation and internationalist.
Once the emergency period due to the pandemic ended, the methods of providing face-to-face and seminar-type teaching activities were changed: we returned to the exclusive in-person mode. In addition to the organization of conferences, which in the academic year only 2022/2023 were very numerous and saw the participation of many foreign teachers belonging to European Union and non-EU universities, the members of the College spoke in various lessons and seminars in Italy and in other countries of the world, including one twenty events as guests in other PhD courses.
As for the website, which is regularly updated, it is structured as follows: in the Training offer provided section it is possible to view in detail the individual activities carried out during the previous academic year (seminars, conferences, presentations). In the Scheduled training offer section and in the one called Seminars, all future activities and the various initiatives organized and to be carried out as part of the research doctorate are listed.
In the Databases section, the methods for obtaining study and research materials are indicated. Furthermore, the Interdepartmental Library of Legal Sciences (BISG) allows access - electronically - to numerous journals, legal encyclopedias, annotated codes, as well as the complete edition of the Digest (IV ed.). Lastly, the Co-supervision and international agreements section has been updated and increased, where you can view the numerous and exclusive agreements with the main universities - European and American - specifically intended for doctoral students in private autonomy

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