Annual report

Despite the Covid-19 health emergency, the activity carried out by the PhD in Private autonomy, business, work and protection of rights from an European and international perspective in the academic year 2020/2021 was divided into a series of lectures, seminars and conferences carried out mainly electronically and concerning in-depth study of the subjects inherent to the various curricula, thus giving students the opportunity to continue to take advantage of teaching without interruption. 

Therefore, the website of the aforementioned PhD has been updated and the curricula of the professors and PhD students have been uploaded. On the website, under section  “Delivered study plan a.y. 2020/2021”, it is possible to view in detail the individual activities carried out during the academic year (seminars, conferences, presentations).

Furthermore, under section “
Seminars”, there are the posters relating to the initiatives organized as part of the PhDs. In particular, considering the emergency period, special sections dedicated to Distance learning have been prepared with the initiatives of the various curricula.

In addition to this, the 
Emergencies and Law section was created, a column that collects various types of content (essays, conferences, documents) related to the difficult period we are experiencing and the legal implications that the Covid-19 emergency imposes on reflection. In addition, the links of the legal reviews that wished to dedicate studies and insights to the topic were made available. In this way, the PhD students and all interested parties were able to know and study not only the legal implications of the present emergency situation, but also similar experiences from the past.

In the Databases section, to cope with the practical difficulties of finding study and research materials, the Interdepartmental Library of Legal Sciences (BISG) has made available to the Phd students telematic access to numerous legal reviews and encyclopedias, commented codes, complete edition of the Digest IV.

The Joint Ph.d theses and International Agreements section has been updated and increased, which includes the numerous agreements with the main European and American universities, specifically intended for our PhD students and in many particular cases for Sapienza students.

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