Urban Geo-climate Footprint

Seminar presentation of the "Urban Geo-Climate Footprint" project, which originated within the Urban Geology Expert Group of Euro Geo Surveys (https://eurogeosurveys.org/the-urban-geo-climate-footprint/), the European confederation of geological services.


The aim of the project is the large-scale, semi-automated analysis of the climatic context and geological-geomorphological characteristics of urban territories for the preliminary classification of major European cities in terms of potential geological hazard, also in relation to the anthropogenic context. This is also to foster, through the comparison of actions put into practice in similar contexts, urban resilience through the synergistic development of "best practices" for the prevention and management of geological hazards in urban areas. In particular, the operational tool that allows such classification through a specially developed and "affordable" procedure will be presented and illustrated.

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