Guide for AASSPhD students

AASSPhD students, in their first PhD year, follow at least two specific PhD courses of 16 hours each. They will also attend one of the courses held in an Astronomy School, in Italy or abroad, and will practice in laboratory. With such basic knowledge and competences, which enforce the culture deriving from their Master, the PhD students will be able to reach these objectives:
·       Ability in preparing a research program
·       Deep technical competences that, together with his good knowledge of mathematics, physics and computer science, will allow him to work fruitfully in the research program;
·       Good knowledge of both Italian and English technical and scientific language so as to understand the scientific literature specific of his field of research;
·       Critical attitude, such as to be able to identify those problems that deserve further analysis and a deeper approach;
·       Independence in conducting research work;
·       Ability to work in a team;
·       Skills and confidence in the presentation of results, both in Italian and in English

The second and third year are fully devoted to the thesis work.

o   At the end of the first year, AASSPhD students are expected to write a short essay, presenting their project in the broader context of their research field, and demonstrating that they have acquired a solid knowledge of the relevant literature.

o   In addition, AASSPhD students are asked to organize the yearly PhD students workshop “Astrophysics Workshop”  [link a ] , where all students are expected to present publically (and to the PhD board) the results of their work. For first year PhD students, it is expected that the students are able to present an overview of their research field, discussing their future research plans and presenting their first results (if any). Workshops are usually held in September.

o  All AASSPhD students are expected to update continuously their info in the AASSPhD web page, using their Infostud access credentials. The process starts uploading a picture, links and or files, and the student's profile text, in two languages. Once validated by the coordinator, this info will go public. Moreover, students publications should be updated on the IRIS catalogue as soon as published. 

o   Finally, AASSPhD students are expected to participate every year in a number (at least 6, but hopefully many more) of Astrophysics Seminars. Information about the seminars will be received upon subscription to a custom mailing list  .


o   The administrative management (mainly missions) is alternated yearly between Sapienza and Tor Vergata. Students of a given cycle should contact the secretary relevant for their cycle (see contacts in the home page). 

o   For TRAVEL AUTHORIZATION and reimbursement students enrolled in Sapienza may refer to this page

o   CONTACTS for administrative matters:

> for the Sapienza students:

Dr. Maria Rosaria Negro 
Dept. of Physics Sapienza University
phone: +39 0649914262

> for the Tor Vergata students:

Dr. Giordano AMICUCCI
Dept. of Physics Tor Vergata University
phone: +39 0672594089

The Coordinator ( and the vice-coordinator ( shuold be c.c.'d in all communications with the secretariat. 

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