Kamen Kanev - "Hand and Finger Motion Tracking Interfaces for Interactive Communication"

This presentation will focus on application domains where high fidelity tracking of the subtle hand and finger motions is required. With respect to this, the design and development of the specialized Data Glove conceived at RIE and employed by Yamaha for musical instrument performance tracking will be discussed. Details will be provided about the specialized highly stretchable carbon nanotube (CNT) sensors developed at RIE and embedded in the Data Glove. A live demonstrations of the Data Glove and its capabilities for hand and finger motion based interactions and communication could also be carried out if the time permits. More specialized interfaces where accommodated hand and finger motion tracking is required for addressing the needs of people with disabilities will also be discussed. With respect to this some interaction models based on the Malossi alphabet commonly used for communications with deafblind persons will be considered. An extended version of the Malossi alphabet redesigned for single-hand operations and thus suitable for mobile communications will be presented and the related interface requirements will be clarified. Following this the design and implementation of a specialized data glove for Mobile Malossi communications will be discussed and some of the developed prototypes may be demonstrated if the time permits.


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