Chatbots for software modelling

Chatbots are software services accessed via conversation in natural language. They are used to help in all kinds of procedures like booking flights, querying visa information or assigning tasks to developers. They can be embedded in webs and social networks, and be used from mobile devices without installing dedicated apps. In this seminar, we will see how to take advantage of chatbots and social networks to enable the collaborative creation of software models by groups of users. The process is assisted by modelling bots that orchestrate the collaboration and interpret the users' inputs (in natural language) to incrementally build a domain model. The advantages of this modelling approach include ubiquity of use, automation, assistance, natural user interaction, traceability of design decisions, possibility to incorporate coordination protocols, and seamless integration with the user's normal daily usage of social networks. We will showcase the tool SOCIO which supports this novel modelling paradigm.


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