Offerta formativa erogata 2023/2024

Attività formativa svolta o in corso (2023-24). Le attività sono state svolte anche in collaborazione con BEMM o altri Dottorati. Le attività relative a CORSI, SEMINARI e JOURNAL CLUBS attualmente in svolgimento (anno 2024) sono maggiormente dettagliate nelle pagine dedicate.


• Bioinformatics: Theory and Applications From Genomes To Drugs (18 ore). 16/25 gennaio
• Microscopy Techniques for the Life Sciences (12 ore) 30/31 gennaio
• Fundamentals of Enzyme Kinetics (15 ore) 2-16 febbraio
• Introduction to Immunology (12 ore) Febbraio-Maggio
• Preparing artworks for scientific papers (8 ore online) 4, 11 maggio
• Biotecnologie e Sicurezza in Laboratorio 16,18,23 maggio

Blended Intensive Program on Molecular Scale Biophysics (Online start 02/23 and summer school June 2023) (in collab. con CIVIS)

03/03/2023 Cristian Ripoli, Catholic University (Italy)- Engineering Proteins to Boost LTP And Memory
09/03/2023 Anna Marabotti, University of Salerno (Italy) - Application of deep learning to the protein structure prediction: the tale of a “gigantic leap”
17/03/2023 Elena Enzo, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy) - Deciphering self-renewal traits in epidermal stem cells
23/03/2023 Eugenio Barone, Sapienza University of Rome (Italy) - Insulin Signaling in Alzheimer’s Disease Brain and Models Thereof
30/03/2023 Ping-Chih Ho, University of Lausanne, Switzerland - Educating tutor-associate macrophages under metabolic stress
14/04/2023 Velia Siciliano, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia-IIT, Naples (Italy) - Synthetic Biology: what, why and how
21/04/2023 Simona Giunta, Sapienza University of Rome (Italy) - Protecting our genome: mechanisms to maintain DNA repeats stability in human cells
28/04/2023 Mirco Dindo- University of Perugia (Italy) - Regulation of enzymatic activity mediated by liquid-liquid phase separation
12/05/2023 Prof. Amnon Horowitz Department of Chemical and Structural Biology Weizmann Institute of Science Rehovot, Israel-The chaperonin GroEL nano-machine: allostery and function
19/05/2023 Prof. Giampietro Schiavo Department of Neuromuscular Diseases, UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology Dementia Research Institute, University College London, London The axonal transport machinery and its dysfunctions in neurodegenerative diseases
21/06/2023- workshop Riboregulation from bacteria to eukaryotes: mechanisms and challenges.
Matthias Hentze (EMBL, DE): Riboregulation: Biology, Mechanisms and Scope
Ina Huppertz (Max Planck, COLOGNE, DE): Controlling Stem Cell Fate and Metabolism: The Power of Riboregulation of Enolase 1’s Activity
Ben Luisi (University Of Cambridge, UK): Dynamic ribonucleoprotein complexes in the control of bacterial gene expression
Gian Gaetano Tartaglia (IIT, IT): Predictions of RNA-binding ability of proteins
Francesca Cutruzzola' (Sapienza University Of Rome, IT): Riboregulation of serine hydroxymethyltransferase controls serine metabolism across cellular compartments


26/02/2024 Tumor microenvironment complexity and therapeutic implication
11/03/2024 New drugs, approaches, and strategies to combat antimicrobial resistance
25/03/2024 RNA and its potentiality: from nanotechnology to bio markers in diseases
08/04/2024 Plants in Recombinant DNA technology advancements and potential risks for the environment
22/04/2024 Epigenetics: How genetics and environment influence health and aging
06/05/2024 Computational methods for prediction of protein-protein interactions: implications for the study of biological processes and diseases
20/05/2024 Emerging role of the host microbiome in diseases: overview and future directions
03/06/2024 Promises and Challenges in Stem Cell Gene Therapy
17/06/2024 New Insights into the Circadian Rhythm and Its Related Diseases
01/07/2024 Climate change and ecosystems: threats, opportunities, and solutions

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