Call for application

A initial screening will take place on the basis of the reseach proposal and academic qualifications submitted by each applicant. Candidates who pass the first stage will then be called for an interview. The proposal should be original and well-outlined and cover one of the main topics or research areas on the PHD Program. To be positively assessed the proposal should be articulated as follows: 1) Title; 2) State of the art (main trends in contemporary research on the subject chosen) (max 12.000 characters); 3) A detailed description of the project highlighting its originality in relation to the existing literature on the subject and specifying the relevant stages in its development and completion. (max 20.000 characters); 4) Sources (documents, normative sources, printed texts…); 5) Selected bibliography (max 50 publications).
The selected candidates are invited to an interview about aims and contents of the research project, to be held in Italian. Here, the candidate is evaluated on the basis of his/her qualifications, skills and attitudes for scientific research concerning the proposed project. The applicant is also expected to attest the knowledge of the second foreign language indicated (English, French, Spanish, German

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