Annual report

The students of the first year have attended doctoral and master's courses, scientific and educational seminars, national and international schools.
The Curriculum in Electromagnetism has provided education and training to PhD students in the fields of electromagnetic applications in the frequency spectrum between industrial frequencies and optics; electrophysical sciences and technologies; analysis of materials through the use of acoustic, electromagnetic, electro-optical, nuclear, optical and thermal techniques.
The Mathematics for Engineering curriculum provided courses in various fields of theoretical and applied mathematics, ie in the fields of partial differential equations, algebra, numerical methods, stochastic processes, combinatorics and mathematical physics in connection with new problems in the real world.
The curriculum in Materials Science has provided education and training to students in the field of new advanced materials and nanosciences, in particular on the growth and characterization of materials with peculiar properties and suitable for the most varied applications, ranging from electronics to sensors and devices , from chemical sciences to physical and biological sciences applications.
In addition, first-year students have participated in national and international conferences and worked within research groups and departmental laboratories.

The XXXVI doctoral students continued their training and research activities, as envisaged by the study plan approved by the doctoral board. The PhD students with grants financed by the Lazio Region have started their research activity at the partner companies of the project. Several PhD students have spent research periods abroad. Furthermore, most of the PhD students presented posters and oral contributions at national and international conferences and published articles in international refereed journals.

The doctoral students of the XXXV cycle discussed the thesis:
Lorenzo Balzotti
Thesis title: “Non-Crossing Shortest Paths in Planar Graphs with Applications to Max Flow, and Path Graphs”
Scientific Disciplinary Sector: MAT/02
Supervisor: Paolo G. Franciosa
Alessandro Bile (Doctor Europaeus)
Thesis title: “Solitonic Neural Networks. Development of an innovative photonic neural network based onsolitonic plastic interconnections”
Scientific Disciplinary Sector: FIS/01
Supervisor: Eugenio Fazio
Thomas Pileri
Thesis title: “Multiplexable biosensing via Bloch surface waves sustained by one-dimensional photonic crystalfor antigen, antibody, and mirna biomarkers' detection”
Scientific Disciplinary Sector: FIS/01
Supervisor: Francesco Michelotti
Matthew Savaresi
Thesis title: “Engineering quantum emitter emission properties in 2D semiconductor materials”
Scientific Disciplinary Sector: FIS/03
Supervisor: Rinaldo Trotta
The following PhD students:
Christian Casalvieri
Claudia Marconi
Matthew More
Beatrice Simonis
having requested a 3-month extension due to COVID, they submitted their thesis by January 31st and will defend it by May 30th 2023.
PhD students:
Robert Leuzzi
Gian Marco Pugliese
have requested a further extension to complete the results of the thesis and will submit it by 30 April 2023

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