Procedures for trips

- The provisional budget for travels is approximately 1600EUR per year per PhD student. 

- Every non-personal trip (even if cost-free for SBAI Department) must be authorized in advance, filing a request through the SBAI XuP platform (XuP hereafter, the link is on the right) at least two weeks before departure (one month during summer or Easter or Christmas-Newyear vacations). Please register to the XuP Platform with your PhD institutional email (; this is not  the bachelor student's one).

- Requests submitted on XuP will be subjected to (funding,) educational, and administrative approvals before the final green light from the Director; its status may be checked on XuP. If you are new to XuP, the administrative staff (Massimo Antonini and Federica Vantini) can assist you (RM009, ground floor, on the right). Please note that administrative services may be reduced or interrupted during August, Easter, and Christmas-Newyear: please make sure to contact them in advance in those periods.
- The reimbursement of trips exceeding 180 days is subjected to limitations; please contact the PhD coordinator or the administration at least one month before departure for further information.
- If the trip is to be [partially] reimbursed by the PhD program, please write [add]  "Lorenzo Giacomelli" as Fund Manager and "Fondi dottorato" as corresponding fund. In this case, please wrtie your Supervisor's name as Educational manager if he/she is a member of SBAI Department; else, please write "Lorenzo Giacomelli" as Educational Manager as well.
- If the trip is instead not reimbursed by the PhD program, please write  "Lorenzo Giacomelli" as Educational Manager. 
- Please attach an evidence motivating the trip (e.g. an invitation letter, or a conference flier, or such, depending on the scope).
- In some cases (such as, but not limited to, a conference participation without presentation, or an extensive trip, or a request in which your Supervisor does not already appear as Fund or Educational manager, and such), you will be asked to attach an evidence (e.g. an email) in which your Supervisor approves your trip.

- For periods abroad, a 50% increase of the scholarship is available. This procedure is managed by Sapienza PhD office, not by SBAI: please see the link on the right. You will be required to attach an authorization from the PhD Coordinator. This authorization coincides with the mission authorization obtained via XuP and can be autonomously printed there: on XuP, go to "Archived authorization and refund requests", select the trip, and select the action "Print authorization". This document may be attached to your request of 50% increase as evidence of authorization by the PhD coordinator.

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