Instructions for PhD students in thesis

PhD thesis deadline reminder
- By October 1st, the PhD student must send the title and the abstract of the thesis to the coordinator
- By October 31, the PhD student must submit the thesis on infostud. The thesis must contain an account of the activities carried out during the three years of the doctorate (courses attended, communications, conferences, teaching carried out, etc.)
- By mid-December, the PhD student will present the results of the thesis in front of the doctoral college (duration about 15 minutes). The college, also availing itself of the opinions of the two external evaluators and taking into account the activity carried out during the three-year period, approves admission to the final exam.
- Students admitted to the final exam must submit, by December 31st, the revised version of the thesis based on the comments of the evaluators
- By January 30, the doctoral student will discuss the doctoral thesis in front of the final commission
For further information, consult the Sapienza PhD regulations, article 18

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