Dissertation procedures

Dissertation procedures

Students should defend their thesis on the first session available after the completion of the third year. The sessions take place within 31 January, 31 May and 30 September (D.R. n. 1248/23, art.18, c.1), usually on the third decade of the corresponing month.

- Within 120 days from the expected session, each student must submit title and abstract of the thesis to the Secretary.

- In order to make it possible to defend the thesis within the first session available, students are requested to upload on Infostud abstract, title and thesis within 90 days from the expected session, and of course within the completion of the third year.

- Within 90 days from the expected session, the Board identifies external evaluators.

- Within 60 days from the expected session, each student submits a final three-year report.

- Within 45 days from the expected  session, the external evaluators submit their assessment, in order to allow the operations for the admission to the final exam and the final defense or the postponement to the next session.

- The admission to the final exam is discussed by the PhD Board in the first available meeting, on the basis of the thesis, the opinion of the referee, the opinion of the Supervisor, the three-year report and a presentation to the Board. Such presentation should not be an abriged version of the final defense: it should rather focus on the general context, on the relevance of the results and of the personal contribution.

- Students admitted to the final exam may submit a revised version which takes the referees' comments into account.

Dissertation procedure

PhD students present the results obtained during the three-year period in front of the Examination Committeee in about 30 minutes. The Committee also relies on the opinion of the referees, the opinion of the supervisor and the three-year report. PhD students answer to the Board about clarification and in-depth questions. At the end of the presentation and the consequent discussion, the Committee prepares the final judgment and proposes the conferment of the title.
For further information, consult the Sapienza PhD regulations

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