The James Webb Space Telescope: the revolution is coming. - Prof. Adriano Fontana (Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica, Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma)

The recently launched James Webb Space Telescope represents a groundbreaking revolution in our capability to study the Universe. With an IR sensitivity 10-1000 times and a spatial resolution 3-7 times better than its predecessors HST and Spitzer, JWST will deliver rest-frame optical imaging and spectroscopic data of thousands of galaxies soon after the Big Bang, of stellar populations in the core of nearby galaxies, of nascent planetary systems in our Galaxy. In this talk I will briefly summarise the motivations for building this telescope and a few examples of the major discoveries that we expect from its first observations. I will also describe the science programs in which the team in Rome (at the INAF Rome Observatory and at La Sapienza) are involved. I will conclude by briefly mentionioning the synergies with other forthcoming space missions (e.g. Euclid) and ground-based future telescopes like ELT.


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