Program of Geosciences Colloquium for AA 2022-2023


The first Geosciences Colloquium of the AA 2022-2023 (please see schedule below).

This year we will have 6 in-person presentations that will take place at Uni Roma Tre (4 presentations) and at the Uni Sapienza (2 presentations) in April and May. There will be also the possibility to follow the presentation online.

More info about next week's presentation, which will be given by Aybige Akinci from INGV on April 4th at 17:00 will follow.

Date - Room - Time - Location - Speaker - Title

- April 4 th (Tuesday) B2 17:00 Uni Roma Tre Aybige Akinci (INGV) In person The seismic events in Turkey on February 6 2023.
- April 18 th (Tuesday) E 16:00 Uni Roma Tre Stefano Mazzoli (University of Camerino) In person 3D architecture of the outer Hellenides fold and thrust belt in Albania.
- May 3 rd (Wednesday) Lucchesi 17:00 Uni Sapienza Mariaelena Fedi (INFN) In person Accelerator Mass Spectrometry and 14C measuraments: highliths on materials in cultural heritage and earth sciences.
- May 10th (Wednesday) B2 17:00 Uni Roma Tre Nadia Lobue (INGV) In person The research infrastructure for tackling the ocean climate variability knowledge gap.
- May 17 th (Wednesday) 12 17:00 Uni Sapienza Ebrahim Ghaderpour (Sapienza) In person Postfire landslide monitoring in central Italy via Earth observation data.
- May 31 st (Wednesday) B2 16:00 Uni Roma Tre Philippe Clayes (University of Vrije, Bruxelles) Possibly in person Meteorite in - Dino’s out: The impact of impact: Latest results from the IODP-ICDP Chicxulub drilling.

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