Piero Madau, Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of California Santa Cruz: The dark and luminous side of structure formation


The program QUID ULTRA? Frontiers and Controversies in Astrophysics is a series of monthly prestigious colloquia that will be
running from early February till December 2021. This initiative has been funded by Sapienza University with the co-sponsorship
of INAF/Astronomical Observatory of Rome and of the joint PhD program in Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space Science of Sapienza,
Tor Vergata University and INAF.

Due to the pandemic situation, the first 6 colloquia will be held online via zoom.
The scientific program and all the information on how to attend the meeting can be found on the project website: www.quidultra.it.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Raffaella Schneider (on behalf of the SOC)

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