Laboratory of Networking (NetLab)

The Internet has become a worldwide technology with more than 3 billions users connected to it. Nowadays, Internet is used for a variety number of services, including for example multimedia streaming, chat, voice over IP, file sharing, file transfer and emails. While the Internet services are commonly known, less attention is paid on what are the main architectures, technologies, and protocols that are “behind” the services and they constitute the building blocks of the Internet. The research activities conducted in the NetLab focus on these topics, by targeting the following areas:

  • energy-efficient and sustainable networking
  • mobile and wireless networks
  • network traffic engineering
  • cloud networking
  • open source for networking
  • optical networking

MSc students, PhD students and post-docs work together with the other group members to carry on the main research activities in the lab, which involve: i) the definition of theoretical models, ii) the implementation of simulators, and/or iii) working with real or emulated devices.

Inside the laboratory, the following testbeds are currently used:

  • Testbed for the evaluation of software router IP performance
  • Testbed for the evaluation of live migration of router IP
  • Testbed for the interconnections to the international network LISP Beta Network
  • Vehicular ad hoc network testbed with cards and devices IEEE 802.11.p

The lab activities are conducted in cooperation with other Departments of the Sapienza University, as well as in cooperation with other research centers, universities and device manufacturers in the context of bilateral agreements, national projects and international projects.

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