Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to spend a period of time abroad and I hold a PhD grant from Sapienza. How should I proceed to have my grant increased by 50%?

Plan your visit with your supervisor. Once you have decided where and when, you must have this approved by the PhD coordinator. The information that you must provide are: hosting institution, name of reference academic or researcher in the hosting institution who will host your stay and serve as your cotutor while abroad, planned dates of departure and return, scientific topic on which you will work. In case of positive evaluation, the PhD coordinator will approve your stay by providing you with a signed letter, that you will then bring to the Sapienza PhD administrative office (see link at top of page). By doing so, the administrative office will be aware of your approved stay abroad. Upon return, you must bring to the Sapienza PhD administrative office a letter from your cotutor of the hosting institution, certifying that you effectively stayed there at the hosting institution lab, and indicating the exact dates of your effective stay. With that document, the office will be able to have you receive to grant increase.

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