Laboratory of Micro-Nano Devices and RF circuits characterization (MiND)

The MiND-Lab (MIcro-Nano Devices and RF circuits characterization Lab ) activity is focused on the analysis and characterization of innovative micro and nano-electronicCMOS compatible components for low-power and redio-frequency applications. Electrical measurements in transient and steady-state conditions are performed with the aim of studying and modeling scaled  device performances,  conduction and leakage mechanisms, trapping/detrapping processes, reliability. The radio frequency research activity concerns the study of phase noise in electronic integrated oscillators and terahertz CMOS detectors. All the set-ups are remote controlled by PC in Lab-View  environments. TCAD softwares and circuit design tools are daily used.
Professors Fernanda Irrera and Fabrizio Palma are in charge of the activities of this laboratory.

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