Krylova-Grek Yuliya “Text as an instrument of political communication. Psycholinguistic aspects of hate speech”

Mass media have become an inevitable part of political communication. Politicians use modern information technologies to promote ideas, views, spread propaganda, manipulation and hate speech. In online communication, we are interested in written speech (texts, messages), because they are freely available online and allow us to analyse the peculiarities of hate speech in specific periods of times. The research trends that will be presented focus on media communication analysis and the influence of the mass media on people’s consciousness and behaviour. The study investigates written speech from a psycholinguistic point of view: we have identified the methods and techniques used by journalists or politicians to influence the audience. The seminar presents applications of psycholinguistic texts analysis on Russian mass media to study indirect and manipulative hate speech and its consequences. The method was also adapted for analysing the messages of politicians in the social network Twitter. The psycholinguistic analysis of the content was based on the analysis of the linguistic means used in the messages to influence the auditory worldview.

14 December, 2022

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