Evolving Dialogues in Multiculturalism and Education: International Challenges and Opportunities

Multiculturalism still matters as an idea and a concept, despite its political demise and its perceived conceptual depth (Joppke, 2017). This seminar will show that the idea of multiculturalism is very much alive and the aim of this seminar is to increase understanding of the opportunities and challenges of the application of multicultural education to teaching and learning. A transformative pedagogy is the objective but the challenge of this is complicated. A 'national' curriculum is monocultural rather than multicultural. Wales provides an interesting comparison with England, having introduced an anti-racist policy across the nation with the intention of having an anti-racist policy by 2030. Alongside this, the Welsh have also introduced a new national curriculum in September 2022. Within an Italian context, the idea of meritocracy will also be examined by looking how the idea and policies evolved in post-war Britain. How monocultural or multicultural is the idea of meritocracy? Ultimately, we will look at how decolonising curricula in classrooms and lecture theatres can lead to a transformative pedagogy (Race, 2022a; 2022b; Race, submitted; Race, in production).

Martedì 14 Marzo 2023 Ore 9.00 - 11.00 Aula “Ezio Ponzo”

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