Call for application 38° cycle

Educational goals and objectives

The priority objective of the PhD programme is the scientific training of scholars of art history from the Middle Ages to the contemporary age, endowed with a broad general knowledge and in possession of a high professional qualification in all the disciplinary sectors in which art-historical research is active today, with the aim of bringing doctoral students up to a level that will allow them to be employed in national and international research institutions. In the methodological field, the training course aims to stimulate in the future PhD students the ability to conduct historical-philological, iconographic-iconological and archaeological-structural investigations, as well as to deal with the critical reading and interpretation of historical sources and documents, from the Latin Middle Ages and Byzantium up to the contemporary age. Doctoral students will also be encouraged to approach individual study topics from an interdisciplinary perspective. The aim of the doctoral course is also to bring the students into dialogue and confrontation with the world of the art-historical professions, especially those in which scientific research is the necessary basis for their performance and for which the title of PhD is a necessary or preferential requirement for access.

Specifiche economiche

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Tipologia 5: Sapienza Senza borsa
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Tematiche, curriculum e competenze specifiche
Themes, curriculum and specific competence

C - PNRR351 - non associata a curriculum

- Scambi, circolazione e mobilità artistica
Competenze richieste: Il candidato deve possedere: - competenze storico-artistiche; - conoscenza di almeno due lingue europee. Nella lettera motivazionale il candidato dovrà dichiarare di possedere le competenze richieste ed esplicitare le ragioni della propria candidatura.
- Exchanges, circulation and artistic mobility
Required skills: The candidate must possess: - art-historical skills; - knowledge of at least two European languages. In the motivation letter, the candidate must state that he/she has the required skills and explain the reasons for his/her application.

D - PNRR352 - non associata a curriculum

- La storia dell'arte e le neuroscienze: un'indagine sulla fruizione e lo studio dell'arte come "farmaco" emozionale nei processi sanitari e sociosanitari
Competenze richieste: nessuna competenza specifica richiesta
- History of Art and Neuroscience: An Investigation Into the Use and Study of Art as an Emotional "Drug" in Health and Social Health Processes
Required skills: no specific skill required

Il candidato sceglierà una tematica in fase di presentazione della candidatura on line e dovrà obbligatoriamente allegare una lettera motivazionale per ciascuna tematica selezionata (il caricamento della lettera vincola la validità della candidatura)

Admission Procedure

Qualifications assessment All candidates, with the exception of art.
5, will be submitted to the first selection.
The committee will consider:
1. research project
2. Curriculum vitae, educational skills
and titles
3. Master's thesis

Oral interview All candidates (including art. 5 and art. 6)
will be submitted to the interview.
The interview is scheduled:
1. Discussion about the research project
2. Discussion on the thesis, curriculum
vitae and educational skills
3. Language test
language ITALIANO

contacts and info
more info - Candidates are not expected to be present for the evaluation of
- A timetable of interviews for the oral test will be published together with the ranking list on the PhD website.

Curriculum studiorum

Graduation date and grade of the Master's degree
detailed list of exams including completion dates and scores of Masters's degree
Graduation date and grade of the Bachelor’s degree
History of Scholarships, Research Grants (or similar)
Certificates of Foreign Languages
Certificates of participation in post-graduate university courses
certificates of Participation in internships
Other University Awards/Degrees (e.g.: awards in competition, second degree)
Computer skills

Required documentation

§ degree thesis abstract
mandatory, the file must be uploaded within 25/08/2022

§ research project
The research project should be structured as follows:
- 5 folders > research topic, status quaestionis, methodology, objectives
- 2 folders > specific bibliography on the topic of research
- half folder > project abstract
, the file must be uploaded within 25/08/2022

§ degree thesis (complete)
mandatory, the file must be uploaded within 25/08/2022

§ Curriculum Vitae et Studiorum
The curriculum vitae must contain the candidate's training and research experience, postgraduate studies (research grants, scholarships, masters, advanced training courses, etc.), a list of publications (if any), collaboration with research study groups, language skills, computer skills and, in general, all professional experience in the field of Art History., the file must be uploaded within 25/08/2022

Language Skills

the candidate must know the following languages
the candidate will have to know one among

Exam Schedule

Qualifications assessment
publication on notice boardNO
publication on the web siteYes
web site
date of publication05/09/2022

Oral interview
notesIn caso di necessità, le prove orali proseguiranno anche il 14/09/2022 dalle ore 8,30 / If necessary, the oral exams will also continue on 14/09/2022
classroomAula della sezione Storia dell'arte
addressSapienza Università di Roma, piazzale Aldo Moro 5 - Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia - Dipartimento SARAS, sezione Storia dell'arte
publication on notice boardNO
publication on the web siteYes
web site
date of publication20/09/2022

Evaluation scale

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