Delivered study plan 2022/2023

2nd YEAR - 38th CYCLE
The acquisition of 60 cfu is envisaged for the second year of the PhD course in Art History.
42 CFU correspond to the PhD student's pursuit of research and reconnaissance activities on the subject of study and an initial reading and critical interpretation of the data acquired.
18 CFU are reserved for training activities and are divided as follows:
- 12 CFU are partly acquired through participation in a course consisting of a series of lectures given by scholars and specialists in the field, which, for the second year, will be devoted to the relationship between scientific research and the professions in the field of art history. In addition to participating in the individual lectures, the doctoral students are required to prepare themselves in advance for the topic in question, to engage in an extensive discussion with the lecturer-principal and to carry out a subsequent critical exercise on the subject. The acquisition of 2 of these cfu will pass specifically through the organisation and participation of the second-year doctoral students in the "In corso d'opera" conference, dedicated precisely to the presentation of their research with the aim of stimulating the ability to present their work and to compare it with a wider audience.
6 CFU are awarded by the College for the doctoral students' meetings with the tutor and lecturers.

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