Following a strong and renowned research tradition, the Phd Program in History of Art aims to provide the best methodological skills to allow an high scientific level of study. Candidates are encouraged to investigate every single aspect in the field of history of art (monuments, works, collections, exhibitions, patrons, events) from an interdisciplinary and international point of view. Artistic products from the Middle Ages to the contemporary era will be carefully studied considering the relationships between documents, historical sources, iconography, historiography, literature, and cultural contexts.

Four different curricula are available:

- History of Medieval Art
- History of Modern Art
- History of Contemporary Art
- History of Art Criticism.

Candidates will be especially requested to focus their attention on the following topics:

- Contacts between Eastern and Western artistic cultures;
- Survivals, revivals and reuse of classical art;
- Patrons and patronage;
- Collectors, collections and art market;
- Continuity of artistic expression from traditional branches (architecture, painting, sculpture) to the new phenomena (installation, performance, video projection, site-specific work);
- Influence of new media on the contemporary art's language and development.

Professors from Sapienza Università di Roma and other Italian and European universities participate to the Phd Program, together with directors and and specialists from italian and international institutes.


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