Alessandro Brighente - "Security Issues of 5G Mobility and O-RAN"

Cellular networks have gone a long road in the development of solutions able to address previous-generation security and privacy issues. Compared to the previous generations, 5G is the first to carefully consider a large variety of threat vectors and attack surfaces, proposing a solution able to handle different types of attacks. However, as technology evolves, so do attackers’ strategies and capabilities, exposing hence novel security threats against last-generation networks. With the development of 6G, novel technologies and methodologies commit exclusively to achieving security and privacy. In this talk, I will present the 5G security and privacy issues related to mobility and its new architectures. In particular, I will first explore the implications of fake base station attacks in the handover management in 5G and propose a solution. I will then show a vulnerability in the Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) leading to a link fabrication attack.


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