Laboratory of RadioMeteorology

The Laboratory of RadioMeteorology is a joint initiative of  DIET Department and of  Center of Excellence CETEMPS to exploit ground-based remote sensing of the atmosphere in synergy with satellite meteorology. Its first activity dates back to 1980 (thanks to an initiative of Prof. d’ Auria and colleagues) and is also a measurements facility of the Laboratory of Antennas, Remote Sensing and Propagation of DIET.

The Laboratory of RadioMeteorologyt, located on the roof terrace of the DIET building, has the following objectives:

  1. to manage ground-based remote sensing and in situ instrumentation;
  2. to design and develop new microwave remote sensing instrumentation;
  3. to develop advanced algorithms for atmospheric parameter retrieval;
  4. to exploit sensor synergy within the atmospheric observation;
  5. to operate as a ground-based facility for satellite product validation;
  6. to pursue the use of remote sensing for telecommunication applications.

This experimental activity is carried out in close coordination with the Center of Excellence CETEMPS, Univ. of L’Aquila and the Dept. of Electronic and Information Eng., Univ. of Perugia

Related joint laboratories, interconnected with LabRadioMet, are:
Joint Laboratory on Antennas & Propagation (JLabAP) focused on radiopropagation, microwave systems and optical links and managed with ISCOM and FUB.
Joint Laboratory on Radar Meteorology (JLabRM) focused on radar hydro-meteorology and managed with DPC (Dept. of Civil Protection) and CETEMPS.

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