Laboratory of Microwave and Electromagnetic Compatibility (MEC)

The research activities carried out at the Microwave and Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory of the DIET at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” include various topics concerning the theoretical and applied electromagnetics. Particular attention is given to modeling, analysis and design of devices, circuits, systems and antennas excited with high-frequency and fast varying pulsed signals. The analysis and design concernes the active and passive devices and advanced antennas for telecommunication and wireless applications having optical quasi-optical and UWB behavior. The propagation processes, and of the related electromagnetic compatibility problems in complex environments (indoor/outdoor), as well as the interaction of the EM fields between the electronic systems and/or with the human being are further fields of application. Moreover, suitable numerical techniques are developed for the analysis and design of complex structures (devices and antennas) and systems devoted to medical diagnosis and therapy. Finally, experimental research activities are carried out on antennas, medical Radar, electrical impedance tomography, multi frequency impedance plethysmography, microwave ablation, oscillators and microwave amplifiers, measurement of the dielectric permittivity of materials (dielectric spectroscopy), and TDR measurements techniques.
Specific topics on which Doctoral Curricula can be developed are:

  • Analysis and design of passive devices, and circuits, for high-frequency and pulsed signals;
  • Analysis and design of antennas (printed, DRA) excited with high-frequency and UWB signals;
  • Field Propagation in Complex Environments (indoor/outdoor);
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility in printed circuit boards;
  • Radar systems for Medical Applications;
  • Through the Wall Radar Imaging;
  • Design of Resonators for Electron Spin Resonance;
  • Development of Measurement Systems for the Dielectric Characterization of Materials;
  • Models of Microwave Ablation Therapy Systems;
  • Techniques for the Linearization of RF Power Amplifiers;

The research group of the MEC collaborates with several research centers and leading companies working in the field of applied electromagnetics. Research activities relating to the above issues are also the subject of thesis for Bachelor, Master and PhD students.
The main equipment available in the laboratory are:

  • PNA Network Analyzer E8363C 10 MHz – 40 GHz – Agilent Technologies;
  • Probe Station;
  • Spectrum Analyzer HP 10 kHz-1.5 GHz;
  • Signal Generator Agilent E4432B 250 KHz – 3 GHz;
  • Amplifier AR 10 W 100 MHz – 1000 MHz;
  • Amplifier IFI 100 kHz 1200 MHz;
  • NI PXI-1042 – National Instruments;
  • Microforge quickcircuit 5000;
  • Equipment and antennas for EM field measurements up to 12 GHz;
  • TEM cells up to 1 GHz;

The software available in the laboratory for numerical simulations is:

  • Microwave Studio by CST;
  • Microwave Office by AWR;
  • ADS by Agilent;
  • LabVIEW;
  • Matlab, Mathematica;

For further information, please contact the following researchers:

  • Prof. Renato Cicchetti, email;
  • Prof. Stefano Pisa, email;
  • Prof. Marta Cavagnaro, email;
  • Prof. Emanuele Piuzzi, email;

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