Each year, PhD students organize a cycle of Journal Clubs on thematic topics of
interest of the doctoral school.
In 2024 the Journal clubs will be held online  (the link will be published soon)

26/02/2024 Tumor microenvironment complexity and therapeutic implication
11/03/2024 New drugs, approaches, and strategies to combat antimicrobial resistance
25/03/2024 RNA and its potentiality: from nanotechnology to bio markers in diseases
08/04/2024 Plants in Recombinant DNA technology advancements and potential risks for the environment
22/04/2024 Epigenetics: How genetics and environment influence health and aging
06/05/2024 Computational methods for prediction of protein-protein interactions: implications for the study of biological processes and diseases
20/05/2024 Emerging role of the host microbiome in diseases: overview and future directions
03/06/2024 Promises and Challenges in Stem Cell Gene Therapy
17/06/2024 New Insights into the Circadian Rhythm and Its Related Diseases
01/07/2024 Climate change and ecosystems: threats, opportunities, and solutions

2024 Journal Clubs organizers: Sara Di Russo, Michela Mochi, Valeria Pennacchietti,  Agnese Riva. 

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