Scientific equipment available to doctoral students

At the disposal of the doctoral students and under the supervision of the Academic menthors, there are numerous scientific and specialized equipment in the various experimental environments of pharmacological and toxicological studies. In particular, if we point out the following equipment 1) in themolecular sphere (thermal cycler,real time pcr, chemidoc, spectrophotometers, HPLC), 2) in the cellular sphere (hoods, incubators, cryopreservation,cold chambers at 4-10 Celsius), 3) in the behavioral sphere (inhibitory avoidance test, water maze, open field,videorecording/videotracking, Crisel/TBSI/MULTICHANNEL Complete kit for optogenetic stimulation and electrical recording), 4) in the neurochemical domain (stereotactics, vibratome, cryostat, microtome, immunostaining equipment, bright field,phase contrast and fluorescence microscopes).

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