Diet and Metabolic Therapeutics in Cancer

This presentation will discuss efforts to understand glucose and amino acid metabolism in cancer biology using metabolomics approaches. First, I will discuss new work on our understanding of central carbon metabolism. This part of the talk will focus on efforts to target cancer metabolism by disrupting the processing of macronutrient sources. Several examples of biological consequences of this pathway will then be presented. Next, I will focus on methionine metabolism. I will discuss work on dietary influences on the activity of the pathway and its relation to the regulation of one carbon metabolism in health. How methionine restricted diets may allow for interventions in cancer treatment will also be discussed. This concept also provides a link between nutrient status and chromatin biology which I will briefly touch upon.

14/05/2021 Jason LoCasale (Duke University School of Medicine, USA).

Please notice this seminar will be held at 4 pm

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