SEMINARIO - The relaxed micromorphic model- a generalization of the Cosserat model

One of the best known generalized continuum models is the Cosserat -micropolar Model which features classical displacements and additional Microrotations as independent degrees of freedom. In this talk I consider the linear Cosserat model and I present an alternative way of writing its curvature term based on Nyes dislocation tensor. This allows to see that the model admits a straight forward generalization into the relaxed micromorphic model. This model has the full micromorphic degrees of freedom but a curvature measure akin to the Cosserat Model. Basic features of the new model (existence, analytical solutions, regularity, FEM) are presented and it is shown that it offers decisive advantages compared to the Cosserat model while it retains a simple structure than the classical micromorphic model.

18 luglio 2023, 17:00-18:00

Il seminario si terrà in modalità mista: in presenza presso la Facoltà di Architettura, via Gramsci 53, Roma - Aula 1, e online tramite l'applicazione Zoom.

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