SEMINARIO - A Journey into Innovation and Vision

Explore the architectural genius of Dante Bini, a pioneer who redefined the boundaries of modern construction with his bold vision and revolutionary technique. Delve into his captivating world, uncovering the roots of his inspiration, his most iconic projects and the lasting impact he has had on contemporary architecture. Renowned for his innovative approach to construction, Bini's work has enabled the realization of bold and futuristic structures. Through his patented technique, the Binishell, he has shown that it's possible to create eco-friendly, efficient, and aesthetically stunning buildings using local materials and harnessing the power of nature itself. We will trace the evolution of Bini's architectural vision, from early experiments to the realization of monumental works worldwide. Sharing compelling stories of challenges overcome and extraordinary successes, this journey offers an insider's view into the creative mind of one of the great innovators of our time.

23 febbraio 2024, ore 15:00

Il seminario si terrà in modalità mista: in presenza presso l'Aula Magna Bruno Zevi della Facoltà di Architettura, via Gramsci 53, Roma, e online tramite l'applicazione Zoom.

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